Plan Your Visit

The Dallas Downtown Association, along with our partner organizations, is busy planning to make Eclipse Weekend the best that it can be! We will be hosting a weekend-long Eclipse Celebration on the Square; just because the eclipse is on a Monday doesn’t mean we can’t have fun all weekend!

Visit the City of Dallas’ Eclipse website for maps of our downtown parking and street closures and shuttle schedule.

There’s also lots to do in Dallas apart from our planned eclipse festivities! We’ve got some delicious local restaurants for you to enjoy, activities for everyone from quilters to disc golfers, and some pretty amazing regional attractions as well.

And yes, we’re aware you’re going to need a place to stay, right? Check out our Accommodations page for more info on that.

If you’re interested in receiving – or sending someone you know – an official Dallas Eclipse Visitor’s packet, go here for details.


Dallas’s historic Courthouse lawn… a prime eclipse viewing spot, and where we’ll be hosting our downtown party!

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